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Awning Canopy Shelter Extension

Given that the property market is increasingly expensive in Singapore, every inch and feet of landed purchased space that you rightfully owned should be utilised fully. Awning Shelter Extension is a great way of utilising outdoor space and help you save on the amount of cleaning and maintenance weekly. But there are also guidelines to abide even if in landed terrace units.

While the two most common material used to construct Awning are Timber and Metal. In Singapore context, it is still generally more affordable to use Thicker Galvanished Metal as support structure for your Awning shelter. As each site has its own conditions and requirements, the metal support structure is usually secured to the RC (reinforced concrete) wall or bolted to the floor finishing.

Although Engineer’s drawings are not required for all types of properties in Singapore to construct an awning, the Metal specialist company (Fortune Decogate Design) will have the responsible to calculate and ensure that the structure’s safety and strength to support the sheltered material and face calculated risk (Wind, wall and soil condition, MCST permission to construct, lighting risk, water flow gradient and direction, possible water leaks, coordination with other vendor e.g. Solar Panel Vendor, Lighting and Fan Electrician, False Ceiling Contractor, Window Contractor, Ziptrack Contractor). It is always advisable to source for a both a reliable HDB Licensed Contractor and BCA Registered contractor (minimum Class 2) to perform the job for you.

^Awning Extension with Laminated Translucent Glass


^Awning Before & After, Sealed with Polycarbonate Sheet


^Awning with Suspended Wall Support


^Semi Arch Awning With Fire-Rated Aluminium Composite Awning


^Laminated Glass Outdoor Metal Awning


Generally, there are 4 types of shelter material that you can choose from (if you own a private property. They are Laminated Glass, Aluminium Composition Sheet 4mm, Polycarbonate Sheet and traditional Roof tiles. Some examples of Estate Building Restrictions are:

  • HDB Maisonette, requires submission of drawing and declaration of proposed roofing with laminated glass. Although PE drawing (can be as expensive as constructing the awning) ; is not required for most HDB units that does not have an open-to-sky ceiling, a formal HDB application and approval is still required to declare that the awning has a minimum height clearance of 2.4m, the awning structure is not being weighted onto the HDB’s existing horizontal yard beam and an experienced and licensed HDB contractor is liable for the awning even after the warranty period has lapsed.

^Sample Approval Letter from HDB by Registered HDB Contractor for HDB Awning


Condominium, only fire rated roofing can be used. Example laminated glass or Fire Rated Aluminium Composition Sheet. Most MCST will request for a simple sketch drawing of the proposed works and owner’s signed indemnity for any damaged caused to the property wall and floor finishing. While some MCST will only approve the application with professional Engineer Drawings and submitted to URA and BCA approval. It is best to check if the majority of your neighbours has already completed similar roofing works before sending an official request via email to your MCST.


Laminated Glass – Ranging from 11.52 to 13.52mm, depending on the size of each glass panel. The most recommended choice of shelter material for outdoor roofing. Offers sunlight visibility to the outdoor area and lowest noise produced during heavy downpour.

Aluminum Composition Sheet

– 4mm thick material. Available in both fire rated and non-fire rated. Opaque in color, one sided white, while other side colored (up to 5 colors to choose from). Generally being favoured as the ideal roofing shelter material in government projects (MRT sheltered walkways) for its durability and strength to shelter from heavy downpour and falling branches.

^Aluminium Composition Sheet Fire Rated (White Infil) (Non-Fire Rated, Black Infil)


Polycarbonate Sheet

– The affordable roofing material, available in both clear and translucent choices offers varying thickness depending on the site conditions and requirement. Generally favourable for the dual characteristic of lightweight and providing adequate amount of daylighting into the unit.

^Solid Embossed Polycarbonate vs Twinwall Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Roof Tiles

– Not the most preferred roofing material in Singapore for replacement of new set of awning. Generally, have problems of birds and insects building nests in cracked or sheltered tiles. Can be pretty tedious and expensive to hire a roof leakage specialist if the leaks occurs after the warranty period lapsed. The timber structure and individual roof tile laying can take a longer construction time and precision and detailed planning.

^HDB Mansionette Roof Tiles Awning with Additional Plate Bending

^Traditional Rooftiles and potential problems encountered


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