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Heavy Duty Soundproof Windows & Doors System

Fortune Decogate Design is an innovator and constantly preaching R&D works in perfecting Aluminum, Metal and Stainless-Steel profiles in specifically Residential Windows and Doors System. Working towards a sustainable future, our clients can expect premium and cost savings Windows and Door’s system, also known as Heavy Duty Series, providing superior Security Enhancement, Noise and Heat Reduction, Quality Assurance Products for both our existing clients and future prospects.


We strongly encourage all potential clients to visit our showroom which is equipped with a soundproof demo box and an experience soundproof room. Meanwhile, do find the results in this video taken along at a low level HDB located near to a bus interchange.


Multi Point Lock System


^Showcase of Double Locking System (Windows)


^Open inwards Series – For new Condos and BTO that have restrictions for window replacement works


Double Glass Glazing Compatibility

While Double Glazing is an 100%  from the traditional single glazed 6mm glass. The term double glazing can be misleading at times, and there are differences in the overall glass thickness and there can be a right glass for the right usage.


^Double Glazing with Air Spacer Cross Section    ^UPVC Window with 16mm Spacer


^Air Spacer Thickness (18mm, 16mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm, 5mm)



^6mm+1.52pvb+6mm Laminated Glass       ^4mm+0.38pvb+4mm Laminated Glass


Enhanced Frame Material Thickness


Traditional Aluminum are ranged between 1mm-1.2mm thickness for basic simple usage of opening and closing and protection from rain. While global warming and strong winds these days, the climate can be unpredictable. Therefore, thicker Aluminum extrusion and profiles have been designed to accommodate thicker glass glazing and superior hardware to be compatible with it. Our Heavy Duty Windows and Doors System, have frame profile thickness ranges between 1.4mm to 3.0mm, providing better durability and functionality for the next generation of Windows and Doors.


Superior Quality Ironmongery and Accessories


While the Windows & Doors Profile continues to evolve and increase in thickness, the amount of Ironmongery and Accessories accompanying in each system, also grew more complex to accommodate the new functionality  and supports the operating and usage of the new generation of Windows and Doors. These Windows & Doors hardware companies can be comparable to the other tech giants. One such example is KinLong, China’s leading hardware manufacturer and producer, a listed company in China.


Noise & Heat Reduction Features

Noise & Heat are the two most common problems that the city dwellers would want to reduce or eliminate completely. However, be mindful and always think through what other companies are offering you. Even 1% drop or decrease can be considered an improvement from the existing windows and doors. Therefore, we should be wary of Contractors and Designers promising you that their products will be “better”, even with substantial amount of site photos and videos.

The best way is to eliminate these referrals and uncertainties, and locate the Windows & Doors end installer company to view their products at their showroom or exhibitions. At Fortune Decogate Design, our showroom provides you with the sample Window & Door system. Our showroom also exhibits Noise & Heat Reduction testing booth for you to see, hear and feel with your own 5 senses.


^Noise Testing Booth  ^Heat and Cold Transmission Machine


Extended Product Warranty

Most local SME companies provide 12months warranty on their hardware warranty. Fortune Decogate Design’s Heavy Duty Windows & Doors system provides 1 year +2 years warranty. The complimentary extended warranty provides a longer piece of mind for home owners to purchase and use our products. Most home owners only uses the main function of opening and closing the system, and only will take greater notice and care during the annual spring cleaning, and would have only realized certain hardware requires replacement or maintenance. In which, most warranty period have lapsed if you would have purchase the basic windows and doors. If the condition is severe, you would have approach a handyman to do the servicing for you, which only have 2-3weeks of warranty. Hence, to save you through all the hassle, the extended warranty provides you with a greater and longer product assurance.


Contact Us or Whatsapp us at 93866200 for a no-obligation quotation or make an appointment to view our showroom (Kaki Bukit)

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