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Maisonette Staircase Railings

Similar to the blog topic of Awning Canopy Shelter Extension, Staircase Railings in Residential units should be considered as ‘Safety Barriers’ which requires a Professional Engineer drawing endorsement in the design and installation of the barrier’s strength and load test, regardless of which type of residential property that you reside in. Imagine that you bought a resale HDB unit from the previous owner, your children or guest walks down the stairway and uses the railing as support, leans over the railing which it gave way. The consequences can be dire and the unit owner will be the first to be questioned by the relevant government authority.

^Moments before the railing collapse at a University, March 2021


In Singapore’s Context, the most common Staircase Railing Material will be Mild Steel and Stainless Steel, which has guidelines in how should the Railing should be constructed and used. Cited in BCA’s Approval Documents, some examples of the guideline of each step height and width should be considered if reconstructing a new staircase structure, ample gap between the railing and the wall should be considered, etc.


BCA Approved Document, Updated September 2019


At Fortune Decogate Design, we provide you with the platform for a one-stop solution. Home owner can liaise directly with us (The Builder- Fortune Decogate Design), whom will be residing in the unit for a long period of time to have a peace of mind and ease when sourcing for a metal railing specialist, reducing the cost of going through a third party vendor. As for HDB Maisonette dwellers– the replacement of the staircase railing, requires the application and submission of Professional Engineer Endorsement, Drawings, Supervision, and Certified for usage for replacement of Safety Barrier Railings in the unit requires both acknowledgement by BCA and HDB as well. The lengthy process is required for home owners who want a peace of mind for future resale of the unit. Always opt for a metal specialist whom is a licensed HDB contractor and a BCA builder (Fortune Decogate Design)


^Professional Engineer Drawings for Submission to BCA for approval


^Amount of Documents submitted to HDB for final approval after BCA approval


^CSC Approval Document for safekeeping when resale of the apartment in future



^Left – Thick Galvanished Mesh Railing
^Right – Vertical Bars Staircase Railing


^Horizontal Bars Staircase Handrail


^Metal / Stainless Steel Staircase Handrail with Laminated Glass


^Customized Curved Handrails


^Customized Spiral Staircase (Mild Steel / Stainless Steel)


Some tips and considerations

Prior to the documentation to commence the replacement works, the client should also consider the end look of the staircase railing, whether the railing legs should be concealed or exposed. This is crucial as the change is irreversible. We provide three different scenarios and how we will recommend to go about it.

  1. Flooring / wooden steps to be replaced. The railing contractor should dismantle and install the staircase leg (metal post) before the new tiles are going to be overlay on it, end look to have a seamless metal post, providing more strength and durability to the entire flight of stairs.
  2. Flooring / wooden steps to be overlay with Vinyl. The client can choose to have seamless concealed staircase leg (metal post), or exposed railing covers, on top of the vinyl steps.
  3. Flooring / wooden steps not replacing. The railing contractor can dismantle and install new railing with exposed railing covers.


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