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Slim & Sleek – Mild Steel X Glass Doors

If you have read through the above blog contents on the tips and considerations when replacing a new metal gate, you would have been more interested to opt for Stainless Steel over Mild Steel. The fact is that Mild Steel is popular due to its affordability, can be still considered as an ideal material if the door / gate is being positioned at a cool room temperature that slows down the rusting process. Mild Steel X Glass Series can be look really fabulous and affordable. But there are advantages of disadvantages of choosing Mild Steel Glass Doors.



Mild Steel Glass Doors are favoured for their sleek and thin design (2.5cm or 25mm wide profile), offering more visibility of the glass surface area. These sleek metal glass doors are normally used for inhouse room divider ideas that does not required a key lock. These doors are normally equipped with flush bolt locking or with a simple latch. Due to its limited slim surface, the mortise handle with key lock still can be done, with customization of lockset box.


^Standard Metal Gate Flush Bolt (Iron Material) Vs. ^ Stainless Steel Gate Flush Bolt (Stainless Material)


As many have wondered why Mild Steel Glass Doors are often latticed designed, the rationale of such segmented design is to ensure the 6mm tempered or 6.38mm glass is nicely fitted into the 25mm profile. The segmented glass pieces also allow usage of float glass instead of tempered or laminated glass which adds on to the overall cost. Any breakage of any glass pieces can be replaced solely, without replacing the entire glass panel.



Given the limitation of weight, size, glass thickness, these glass doors are often recommended for size up to 3×7 feet for optimal usage. Unless the client has no requirement on the thickness of the profile, there are bigger and wider profile to provide more customization on the main infil material.


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