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Why Stainless Steel over Mild Steel?

To have a quick understanding on the two types of materials, let’s take a look on some common examples of both Stainless Steel and Mild Steel: –

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel

1. Culinary Uses (Utensils, Kitchenware, etc) 1. Structural Pillars of Construction (>9mm thick)
2. Surgical Tools (Operational Theatre) 2. Decorative Metal Crafts (Gate & Grilles)
3. Water Pipes 3. Indoor Furniture (Table and Chair legs)
4. Bathroom Handles and Accessories 4. Outdoor Fencing, Railings (After Galvanized treatment)



^Application of Stainless Steel                                        ^Application of Mild Steel 



We will be comparing both materials in terms of

(1) Corrosion Resistant

The key element – Chromium, is present in Stainless Steel and not in Mild steel. The chrome in the Stainless Steel reacts with the oxygen in the air producing a natural ‘chromium oxide’ protective skin on the surface of the metal which means that as long as this layer is undamaged, the metal is naturally corrosion resistant.

Mild steel on the other hand does not have this chromium oxide protective layer and so the iron present reacts with the moisture in the air to produce iron oxide or ‘rust’. Mild steel therefore requires further processing such as galvanising in order to give it a protective surface, normally a rough surface finishing. Mild steel can be easily identified as it gets attracted to magnets, due to its high amount of iron and ferrite.

^Mild Steel contains Iron (FE) element. Mild Steel can be easily magnetized to it. 



(2) Impact Resistant

The Chromium in Stainless Steel makes it more impact resistant compared to Mild Steel. Hardness of the material also goes to show that Stainless Steel is far more superior to Mild Steel. The same Core Drill Bit when experimented to opening a 32mm digital lock hole on both material of the same thickness, the Mild Steel plate took almost half the lesser time and damage taken to make the same round opening, as compared to Stainless Steel. Therefore, most Digital Lock Companies in Singapore charge an additional $55 (on average) for installing digital locks on Stainless Steel gates (Fortune Decogate Design is one of the remaining Stainless Steel Works Gate Fabricator in Singapore since 1993.



(3) Long Term Cost

The upfront cost is definitely higher for Stainless Steel given its superior material property. However when considering the lifespan, durability, and amount of maintenance. Stainless Steel is going to be the material to serve you a longer period of time, with lesser maintenance involved. Fortune Decogate Design offers clients option for warranty extension up to 10years for their Stainless Steel Gates. Simply take a drop or two of dish detergent with warm water and create a soapy solution. Soak the microcloth in solution and wring it gently, scrub and grime off the dirt. The dish detergent breaks down the oil and helps dissolve the smears from handprints and fingerprints.


^Stainless Steel Gate after N years                     ^Recently Installed Stainless Steel Gate


^Backyard entrance for a typical Zi-Char Kitchen. Only Stainless Steel material can withstand the humid and harsh environment.


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