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Awning - Laminated Glass Panels

Fully customized awning , please contact us to get a quotation.

Provide us with:

  1. Floorplan
  2. Visual Photos of Site
  3. Estimated Measurement
  4. Your availability to do a site survey


Rates depending on

  • Total Length, Width, Height
  • Coordination Work with other vendors (False Ceiling, Electrician, Professional Engineer, Waterproofing Specialist, Solar Panel Contractor)
  • Permit Application (HDB , MCST, URA & BCA)
  • Site Conditions (Availability to mount support or loose soil)


Frame Material: Hot Galvanished Mild Steel 75mm*50mm*2.3mm or 3.0mm

Shelter Material: 11.52mm laminated glass or 13.52mm laminated tempered glass



  1. HDB – Submission with Sketched Drawings Required
  2. Condo – MCST Approval on a case-by-case basis
  3. Landed – Not Exceeding URA’s GFA standards