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Heavy Duty Folding Doors (Concealed Hinges)

Fully customized Doors, please contact us to get a quotation.

Provide us with:

  1. Floorplan
  2. Visual Photos of Site

Material Thickness: 1.4mm ~1.6mm

Panels: Even Number Panels for Optimal Usage

Max Glass Thickness: 30mm (Single, Double, Triple)

Frame Color: White, Black, Grey, Brown, Gold, Woodgrain

System: Bottom Track System (19mm Low kerb and 33mm high kerb)

Unique Feature: Concealed Hinges, Centralized Handle Bar

Locking: Both sides keys, 1 Side Key+1 Side Thumb Turn

Recommended Size: 700w * 2200h (Per Panel)

Recommended Usage: Even Number Panels

Max Size: 850w*2600h (Per Panel)

Demonstration Video: