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Soundproof UPVC Swing Door

Color: White / Dark Grey (Premium) / Custom Color

Material Thickness: 6 section chambers

Max Glass: 5+19A+5mm Double Glazed Tempered (up to 72% noise reduction through air)

Lock: Four (4) Point Locking

Kerb Height: 74mm (inside), 56mm (outside)

Frame Color: White, Dark Grey (Premium), Custom Color (Premium)

Locking: 1 Side Key+1 Side Thumb Turn

Size up to : 900w * 2100h (3×7′)

Max Size: 1000w*2400h (Extra Cost)

Warranty: 3 years

Remarks: Will be installed in-between your existing door frame, effective door opening will be reduced by 16cm

Remarks: Will have bottom kerb for full noise insultation, not suitable for area that requires wheelchair access

Fabrication Lead Time: 8 weeks



  • 5+1.52pvb+6+1.52pvb+5mm Triple Laminated Clear (up to 85% noise reduction)
  • Frosted Film Add on
  • Blackout Film Add on