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Customizing Oversized Residential Gates

Not all gate sizes are the same, not even your neighbour’s gate can fit well into yours. Let alone, different HDB and BTO that are built by different builders and developer in different district and estates area. Besides the gate design, there are few things to consider when you are deciding to replace your residential main entrance gate.

1. Size

If you are residing in HDB, the 2 more common sizes you will find will be 3×7 feet and 4×7 feet.

^ 3 Feet Size Metal Gate Vs. 4 Feet Size Metal Gate(source:

A common gauge will be using the wooden door as a reference. Most 3×7 entrance sizes are equipped with a Single Panel Door, while newer BTO flats comes with a bigger entrance and 2 panels wooden door.

^ Typical BTO Metal Gate (Mostly 4feet wide)

While, there are exceptions when it comes to other types of Residential. For example, newer Condo are installed with a wider and taller entrance of typical 5feet wide and 8 feet height. While it is not compulsory for condo residents to install gates, as the condo has provided adequate surveillance and security, some residents like to leave their timber door opened for ventilation or when expecting visitors, the gate has served as an additional security barrier yet offering high ventilation.

^ Optional for Condo Residents to Install 5feet wide Gate

If you are being offered to purchase the recess area outside your HDB unit, your gate contractor (Fortune Decogate Design, licensed HDB Contractor) needs to apply to HDB before installing the gate (the HDB Officer will review the application on a case-by-case basis based on site conditions, i.e. near to Staircase Area, no obstruction to neighbours and HDB risers, PUB Systems). Should any conditions be advised by HDB, the company (Fortune Decogate Design) will need to take on the responsibility to ensure all requirements set out by HDB is being fulfilled before the recess area gate can be installed.

^After HDB Owner has purchased Recess Area and shifted the necessary SP and PUB meters


2. Number of Opening Panels

Single Opening Gates is only available to entrance sizes of up to 3 feet, due to weight issue on the gate hinges and user-friendliness. While newer units are presented with at least 4 feet entrance width size, it also requires cautious planning when deciding on the gate opening. We will always advise to open your bigger gate panel towards the wall side forday to day usage and convenience. We will also need to consider the existing gate opening arrangement that are often the most feasible solution (you would not want the smaller gate panel to be blocking your wooden door lock).


^3x7ft Stainless Steel Gate | 1 Single Panel| Gate Handle same side placement as Timber Handle



^4x7ft Stainless Steel | 1 Big + 1 Small Panel | Gate Handle same side placement as Timber Handle


5x8ft SS Gate | 1 Small +1 Main+ 1 Small Panel | Gate Handle same side placement as Timber Handle


3. Locking System

You may have seen the convenience of your neighbours using digital locks, but do you know that both mortise handle and digital lock can be installed onto your new gate? Simply let us know, and we will customise your perfect gate for you.

If you want to save the hassle of just using 1 (one) digital lock for your gate, there are more things to be taken note of. The gate fabricator needs to be informed of the model of the digital lock and contacts of the digital lock installer so that we can ensure that the new gate handle will not collide with the wooden door handle or digital lock. The new timber door supplier needs to be informed too, of such arrangements.

^New Stainless Steel Gate with Digital Lock Plate


However, if you would prefer a standard mortise handle lock now and will only consider Digital Lock in the future, you may want to convey this request to your Gate Fabricator when you order a new gate from Fortune Decogate.


4a. Color Finishing of your Gate

While traditional metal gates using the 2-toned metal patina colors or spray painted single colored. New coating technology presents more durability options known as Powder Coating. Common colors are Black Matte, Pearl White, Signal White, Off-White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, there are still unique colors available (normally charged at premium costing due to special indent orders).

Oxyplast Powder Coat Y2021


4b. Take risk of Powder Coating

A common misconception that Stainless Steel Gates are often dull and plain; due to its single reflective Stainless Steel color. Many do not know that Stainless Steel gates can also be Powder Coated to attain the same intended color of your main entrance gate. If you resides in the East area or coastal area, it is often a problem to see your gate rusting very quickly due to the high salt content in the atmosphere. Powder Coating, similar to paint, is a protective layer of coating to the metal gate, slowing down the rusting process, but does not guarantee 100% no rust. But when rust struck, the rust often spreads quickly. The only solution will be to sand away the rusted portion and apply a similar color spray paint onto the infected area.

^Improper Curing or Expired Powder could lead to rust over time.

While most Gate Fabricators only offers 1 year warranty on their gates and guarantee that their gates are powder coated. Only gate fabricator experts can tell the difference from powder coated from single color spray paint. Even so, Powder Coating can be a lengthy topic to go indepth, mistreated powder storage, inadequate curing process or expired powder could result in the effectiveness of the protective layer. A quick test to show that the coated layer is strong enough can be demonstrated by using a cross test on the sample material.

^Perfect Results of Cross Test (Powder Coat)


^Failed Cross Test on Subjects

YouTube: Testing of powder coating film AS4506 Cross Hatch

Other Tips and Considerations

Going into detailed planning, your contractor or Interior Designer show take into consideration the fact whether the existing floor finishing is going to demolished and redone, or alternatively overlaying new vinyl flooring over the original hdb flooring, affecting the height of the new floor level finishing. The typical gap allowance of 5-6mm is required for all doors in the case of floor unevenness.

Home owners must also acknowledge that the original bottom locking hole left behind by the original gate cannot be reused, as new gates tend to be 6-10mm smaller in width allowance to fit in. The top flush bolt system is usually strong enough to hold both gate panels in place. But do inform your Gate Installer if you want to take the risk of drilling a new hole onto your flooring to lock the bottom flush bolt into place. While the old hole can only be sealed off with a similar color of sealant or cement.

^New Gate Bottom Flush Bolt not able to align with old hole


If you are replacing both your timber door and gate at one go, the gate should be installed first before the timber door, so that the door viewer on the wooden door would not be blocked by the gate designed bars.

If you reside in HDB, you may also want to consider adding bottom Stainless Steel or Acrylic Plates to your new gate to protect your gate from the regular HDB Corridor Jet Spray Washing. This is important as there will always be a gap underneath your main entrance gate and timber door. Any excess waterflow into your unit could cause damage to your vinyl flooring. The top surface of the vinyl or laminated could be water resistant but the weakness lies underneath where water will soak up and cause the unprotected material to bloat up from underneath.

At Fortune Decogate Design, we offer removeable Acylic panel system that you don’t have to worry about cleaning and replacement in the future.


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